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A few answers

A few answers

How long has Zynfinity Design been in business?

We formed quietly in October of 2021 when Paula and Emma were brainstorming ideas and decided to team up to form a company together.

It was Emma’s idea and she named the company.

What's your design and tech experience?

Paula made her first website in 1994 while taking a post graduate graphic design course at Sheridan College in Ontario Canada.

But prior to that, Paula had been a nerd for a very long time, falling in love with computer programming in 1986 while taking a PASCAL coding course. She has experience with more than 7 computer languages and previously ran a tech company which supplied not-for-profit and e-learning companies with content.

Paula has always had one foot in tech and another in visual, having been trained in design and fine art at school before working in the internet industry. She’s also a visual artist with paintings in private collectections around the world.

Emma got her training through the Creative Advertising program at Humber College in Toronto. Her eye for detail and her design skills put her at the top of the class and won her a special bursary award at school. Previously, she completed her high school career being trained as a designer and visual artist with honours at BealArt in London, an exclusive school for artists.

Do you help small businesses?

Absolutely! We love small and micro busineses. In Canada, they form an important part of the economy. We know that those business owners often wear many hats, and when it’s time to grow it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Paula has been there, done that, and she’s prepared to help you navigate your business growth with ease.

How do you pronounce Zynfinity and what does it mean?

Zynfinity is pronounced like Gin-finity but with a soft J sound. Like the second G in George.

It’s the ZYN from Telizyn and was inspired by acknowledging our roots while looking forward.

I have more questions!

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