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Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Sarah approached us for her website and entire business design. She had an idea and needed the follow through.

Based on her descriptions of sexy, powerful and maybe a little bit scary, we created a brand that reflects the history of oracles but without leaning on clichés.

The logo comes in 4 variations, each one to represent the various forms of the business.

The website itself is clean, easy to use, and set up for Sarah’s clients to easily book time with her. 

Rosie needed a website that would showcase her work but not be a web store per se. She focuses on commissions over off the peg art.

Her logo was done using her own handwriting coupled with a mono space font. The green dot for the i is a nod to the life she includes in every painting.

The website itself was designed to be like a magazine rather than a standard gallery format. We wanted visitors to want to spend time reading and browsing through her content and getting a solid sense of the kind of art Rosie makes.

Ensuring that Rosie herself could update and tweak each page was also critical and she received full video training in that aspect as well.

Fi is an up and coming artist who wanted a site that reflected her fun but serious side.

Her logo was designed to help her, and her collectors, take her seriously while also having a bit of fun. A nod to the fashion magazine designs of the past while firmly being modern.

The website was designed with an art forward mindset. Fi’s art needed to not compete with her website.

On each page, there’s a banner showing details from a number of paintings. The banner, done in a wave pattern, continues that fun motif throughout the site.

This is an e-commerce site so the shop side was designed to feature both the art and the stories that go with each mage. Browsing and buying is a pain-freee process from start to finish.

Nikki came to us with a request for a beautiful, feminine logo. Her brand has been around for a while but her previous logo did nothing to add to her legitimacy.

Rather than focus on clichés, like featuring the moon prominently,  we tucked it into the word moon. The font chosen reflects the elegance and class that Nikki projects.

Martin wanted a website that focused on signing new clients up. We created a prominent header with an enticing lead magnet to bolster his email list.

He also wanted flexible pages so that he could create long and short sales pages that followed design rules that we established.

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